Minutes 28th September 2016

Minutes of a Meeting of Holme Lacy Parish Council Held at 7.00 pm, Wedneday, 28th September 2016, in the Village Hall, Holme Lacy

Present: Mr M. Edwards (in the chair), Mr K. Bishop, Mr B. Hince
Councillor David Summers

69/16. APOLOGIES: Mr Lawson, Mr Williams



RESOLVED that the minutes of the annual Parish Council meeting held on 10 May 2016 and Parish Council meeting held on 7 June 2016 were agreed as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.


To remain on agenda.


Councillor Summers reported that the parish council should shortly receive an email from Balfour Beatty. Their budget was £6.8m this year, £5.8m next year. The cost of the lengthsman/footpaths schemes would fall entirely on the parish councils next year. There had been an angry meeting of Herefordshire Council at which Herefordshire Councillors had expressed strong concern about this and the impact on parish councils. They felt that it would make it even more difficult to find people willing to serve as parish councillors. Rotherwas – planned to make road single file under the railway bridge at Rotherwas. Also plan for a park and ride based at Rotherwas. Police had carried out speed check in Holme Lacy. He would ask them to do more. There were concerns about the revised planning application for the land next to the Vicarage.

74/16. COMMUNITY POLICING – no representative from South Wye Police Team.

75/16. CLERK’S REPORT – No report – all dealt with on agenda.

PUBLIC FORUM: Mrs Fleuchars reported on the activities that were taking place in the village hall under the ‘active parish’ scheme. Holme Lacy was now an official ‘active parish’. The activities were subsidised for the first twelve weeks by Herefordshire Council. Mrs Fleuchar would forward flyers for the activities to go on the website. Suggested that the carpet bowls could be stored in the room on the right of the stage. Mr Hince would sort out keys. The Village Hall Committee would look at the charges for the activities at its meeting on 4 October 2016.


Had been circulated for information.
(1) Litter picking Holme Lacy
(2) Power cut? Call 105
(3) Arrangements for dealing with complaints about the Code of Conduct for members – revised 9.5.2016
(4) Request for empty sandbags


Mr Edwards asked about putting a calendar in the hall for bookings to be put on it. The Clerk was unhappy about this because of the risk that bookings were put on the calendar and not notified to her, which could cause problems. She would see if a calendar could be put on the website. Clerk reported that the ladies toilets appeared to be backing up. She would chase Mayglothling about the annual service and jet washing. One of the rollers for the toilet paper was missing.


The latest training schedule from HALC had been circulated.


The Clerk advised that the Parish Council should hold a parish meeting to assess interest in a neighbourhood plan.


The Chairman, Mr Bishop and Mr Williams would call at the College to discuss the railings. Clerk to contact Trilloes Tree Care about the maintenance of the tree.


This was now active and various minutes, etc, had been uploaded to it.


(1) Parish and Town Council bus and community transport consultation – questionnaire completed
(2) Preferred options for Travellers’ sites in Hereford – no comments


(1) General road maintenance – problems should be reported on the Herefordshire Council website.
(2) Causeway – no response from Balfour Beatty or Herefordshire Council to the Parish Council’s request for an extended speed limit or a ban on HGVs. To keep chasing up.
(3) Footpaths – no problems reported.
(4) Lengthsman scheme – as reported Herefordshire Council would not be funding the Lengthsman scheme next year. The Clerk to work out costs for the next meeting.
(5) SID deployment – the Clerk had heard nothing about whether this scheme was going ahead.


Next meeting 4 October 2016.
Grass cutting – to continue with the existing arrangements.


(a) New applications:
161860 – Ufton Grange, Holme Lacy – proposed stable block – Parish Council had no
objections to this application but felt the application was vague about usage raising a concern that it could develop into a commercial unit. This would increase traffic on the road which was already busy. Granted with condition that the stable was used for applicant’s own horses only and not to be used for any commercial riding, breeding, training or any other equestrian enterprise.

(b) The Planning Department would no longer send out decision notices to Parish Clerks with effect from
30 September 2016. Clerk would sign up to the alert.

86/16. FINANCE

RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:

(a) Already paid under policy agreed at Parish Council meeting 4.11.2014:

£321.72 – Came & Company – annual insurance premium
£166 – HMRC – PAYE
£55.50 – G. Jones – Lengthsman
£55.50 – G. Jones – Lengthsman
£51.50 – G. Jones – Lengthsman
£15.76 – Janet Fleuchars – refreshments for village hall activities
£68 – G. Jones – Lengthsman
£109.50 – G. Jones – Lengthsman

(b) Invoices to be paid: (to date)

£166.20 – HMRC – PAYE
£100 – Eyelid Productions – website support
£135 – Community First – three year membership renewal
£180 – HALC – internal audit 2016/16
£120 – Grant Thornton – 2015/16 audit
£1000 – Holme Lacy Playing Field Committee – grant 2016/17
£1050 – Dinedor with Holme Lacy PCC/Holme Lacy Churchyard A/C – grant 2016/17

(c) Direct debits:

£42.58 per month – Westcom – broadband
£107.22 per month – Aviva – village hall insurance
£758.82 – SSE Electric – gas
£192.92 – SSE Electric – electric

The latest SSE Electric statements, which the Clerk had just received, showed a credit balance for the gas.

(d) Receipts:

£204 – Herefordshire Council – Lengthsman quarter ended 30.6.16
£8500 – – Herefordshire Council – 2nd instalment of precept 2016.17

(e) Precept 2017-18 – the request for the Parish Council to set its precept had been received.

(f) Audit 2015/16 – The audit had been returned. The auditors had raised several issues. In future the Parish Council had to have separate minute references for its consideration of the accounts and its approval. The Clerk had not restated the assets register for last year. The auditor had also stated that the Clerk had not dealt with the monies from Herefordshire Council intended to offset the loss of precept correctly. This was due to the changes in housing benefit. The Clerk did not understand the auditors’ comments, firstly because she had followed the advice she had been given by HALC and secondly the sums the auditors had quoted did not appear relate to any figures the Clerk had. She would investigate.

(g) National salary award – an award had been made for 2016/17 and 2017/18. The Clerk would work out the increase in her salary based on these awards.

87/16. ANY OTHER ITEMS – for information only


There being no other business the meeting was closed.