Minutes 8th November 2016

Minutes of A Meeting Of Holme Lacy Parish Council Held at 7.00 Pm, Wedneday, 8th November 2016, In the Village Hall, Holme Lacy

Present: Mr M. Edwards (in the chair), Mr K. Bishop, Mr T. Williams
Councillor David Summers
PC Kirsty O’Brien, CSO Christina

88/16. APOLOGIES: Mr Lawson


RESOLVED to grant Mr Lawson leave of absence during his attendance at University.



RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28 September 2016 be approved as a correct record and these were signed by the Chairman.


Mr Hince had confirmed that he would be prepared to serve as Deputy Chairman.

RESOLVED that Mr Hince be elected Deputy Chairman.


To remain on agenda.


PC O’Brien and CSO attended the meeting. There was a lengthy discussion on the problems of speeding in and HGVs. PC O’Brien to contact Ian Connelly of the traffic management unit about both issues. She would also send information about the community speed watch scheme. She felt that the signage needed improving to make it much clearer. Also raised was the entrance to Holme Lacy House Hotel. There needed to be clearer definition of the entrance to make drivers aware that they were exiting onto a public road.


Councillor Summers had heard nothing about the new manager at Balfour Beatty. The signage report would go out to all the councils including Holme Lacy. The Clerk reported that she had still not had an acknowledgement to her request for a speed limit on the causeway and a ban on HGVs. Councillor Summers suggested she include Mr Geoff Hughes in the email. He would send her his email address. Agreed that if the request was not acknowledged again the next one should be copied to the local press.

PUBLIC FORUM: no members of the public were present.


Had been circulated for information.


(1) Heating – two quotes had been received for improving the heating in the hall. The Chairman to clarify the figures on the quote from Clinton Lewis. He had been unable to arrange for a quotation from British Gas.
(2) Westcom – Mr Hines had been out to the hall and would send a quote for improving the broadband reception in the small room.
(3) RESOLVED that the Parish Council would pay the invoice from Herefordshire Fire Alarm Services for repair and replacement of emergency lighting – £410.40.
(4) Some of the new trestles had dirty black marks on them. The tables should not be used for barbecues. The fire shutter between the lobby and the kitchen was still not installed correctly. Clerk to ask Mr Hince for this to be completed or the Parish Council would arrange for it to be done and invoice the Football Club. The Chairman had found the boiler room full of Football Club items. This had to be moved for the engineer to access the boiler to service it. Clerk to point out to the Football Club again that nothing was to be stored in the boiler room and all items to be removed immediately.


SLCC Practitioners Conference – Clerk would check the agenda before deciding whether to attend. Agreed that she could attend if she decided to do so.


Agreed to prepare a letter for distribution to the parish to find out how much support there was for this. To stress the huge amount of work that was involved and that it could not go ahead unless there was enough input from parishioners.


The Chairman, Mr Bishop and Mr Williams to call at the College about the railings. The Clerk had emailed Paul Wright to quote for erecting the railings. No reply to date. Mr Keogh, Trilloes Tree Care, would look after the tree.


There were several requests to input to the website. NOT AGREED.


RESOLVED that the Parish Council did not wish to adopt the telephone kiosk or object to its removal.


Tuesdays at 7.00 pm:
10 January
14 March
2 May – annual meeting
1 July
5 September
21 November


(1) General road maintenance – problems should be reported on the Herefordshire Council website.
(2) Causeway – discussed under Community Policing and Herefordshire Councillor’s report above.
(3) Footpaths – no problems reported.
(4) Lengthsman scheme – in 2017/18 the Parish Council would be expected to make a mandatory contribution of £60/km – total £636 for the year. RESOLVED to continue in the scheme and to submit an expressions of interest form.
(5) SID deployment – Herefordshire Council had agreed a revised procedure – costs would be £540 for site assessment survey, £425 for installation of SID base and £250 per SID deployment, commencing 1 April 2017. RESOLVED to apply for Holme Lacy to be included in the scheme.


(a) To request an updated quote for grass cutting from DC Gardening Services.
(b) Replacement of platforms on adventure trail – supply and fitting of metal platforms – £953 – or Vamelglass – £902. Some of the Vamelglass platforms had been replaced previously. RESOLVED to accept the quote for the metal platforms and to be paid by the Parish Council.
(c) Inspection of trees – DC Gardening Services – to remove lower branches from trees on right-hand side to give room for walking/running, remove two dead trees and brambles, bottom hedge to be sided up to 10 ft – £505 – RESOLVED to accept quote.

106/16. PLANNING

(a) New applications:
163130 – Khema, Holme Lacy – proposed change of use from ‘clinic’ to ‘residential use’: RESOLVED that the Parish Council had no objection in principle to this planning application but had received a letter from a resident which raised concerns about the whole process. The Parish Council could only comment on the planning aspects of this application. Therefore it did not feel able to comment on the issues raised in the letter. It understands that the letter had been sent to the Planning Office and would expect that the issues raised would be addressed by the Planning Officer.

107/16. FINANCE

RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:

(a) £180 – DC Gardening Services – grass cutting of playing field – October 2016
£120 – Grant Thornton – audit of accounts 2015/16
£58.50 – Mr G. Jones – Lengthsman
£410.40 – Herefordshire Fire Alarm Services Ltd – repair and replacement of emergency lighting in village hall

(b) Already paid under policy agreed at Parish Council meeting 4.11.2014:
£85 – Mr G. Jones, Lengthsman
£270 – DC Gardening Services – grass cutting of playing field – September 2016

(c) Direct debits:
£42.58 per month – Westcom – broadband
£113.48 per month – Aviva – village hall insurance
+ Southern Electric

(d) Receipts:
£621.11 – SSE Electric – refund of overcharge
£200 – Holme Lacy Football Club – 1st instalment of fees 2016/17 – Holme Lacy Playing Field Committee

(e) Bank reconciliations and expenditure against budget for quarter ended 30.9.16 were circulated.

(f) Precept 2017-18: budget to be prepared for the January meeting.

(g) Audit 2015/16 – there were a number of issues arising from the endorsements placed on the accounts by the auditors. A number of Parish Councils had queried with HALC the necessity for two minute references for the consideration and approval of accounts. Clerk would query the necessity with the auditors. Clerk would restate the asset register. She would also ensure that the notice of audit would make clear the arrangements for inspection if she was away. With regard to incorrectly stating the monies from Herefordshire Council, this was contrary to the advice from NALC and the figures quoted by the auditors were incorrect. The Clerk to write to the auditors.

(h) National salary award: The increase in salary for 2016/17 was £31.83 (61p/week) and for 2017/18 was £32.44 (64p/week). The salary scale for part-time Clerks had been set up some years ago and at that time was based on the number of electors in the parish. The Clerk’s scale point had been assessed as SCP21 – 4 hours per week plus role as Responsible Financial Officer. Salary increases were agreed by the National Local Council for Local Government and had been severely restricted over the last few years. The Clerk did not consider that the scales reflected the increased workload, the extra responsibility and the increasing regulation that Clerks had to cope with. She asked for her SCP point to be moved to SCP27.

RESOLVED that the Clerk’s SCP be moved to SCP 27.

(i) Village hall insurance for 2016/17 – £1284.78 – direct debit

(j) PAYE services – HALC had asked Autela to take over the PAYE services for parish councils in Herefordshire. The costs should be lower.
RESOLVED to switch to Autela for these services

(k) Signatories – Parish Council and Playing Field Committee accounts – RESOLVED that Mr Hince be added as a signatory to these accounts.

(l) The Clerk had contacted Came & Company to carry out building valuations for insurance purposes for the village hall and the club hut.

108/16. ANY OTHER ITEMS – for information only


There being no other business the meeting was closed.