Minutes 26th September 2017

Minutes of a Meeting Of Holme Lacy Parish Council Held At 7.00 Pm, Tuesday,
26 September 2017, In the Village Hall, Holme Lacy

Present: Mr M. Edwards (in the chair), Mr K. Bishop, Mrs C. Harris, Mrs S. Lawson, ,Mr J. Lindsay

93/17. APOLOGIES: Mr Hince, Mr Williams



173200 – Wilsley House, Holme Lacy – proposed part change of use and subdivision of Wilsley House to create four apartments. Partial demolition of failed wing and rebuild to same footprint like for like. Construction of a pair of semi detached dwellings within grounds of house.

The applicant was asked about the demolition of the wing. He reported that it was in very poor condition. It had not been maintained well and was structurally unsound. The cost of rebuilding was high. The replacement would be like for like and visually the external appearance would be unchanged.

Agreed that the Parish Council had no objections and considered it would be an improvement.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.