Minutes of Meeting 13 March 2012


Present: Mrs C. Harris (in the chair), Mr K. Bishop, Mr B. Hince, Mr R. Hungerford,
Mr R. Macadie
Mr A. Lee, Footpaths Officer
Mrs A. Newman attended the village hall meeting

12/28. APOLOGIES: Mr Edwards, Mr Williams, Councillor Peter Sinclair-Knipe, CSO Fiona Witcher
12/29. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Mr Hince declared an interest in items on the village hall (both
personal Mrs Hince is at present being paid to clean the hall and as the representative of the Football Club).
He took no part in the decisions made about the village during the meeting.
RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 10 and 23 January 2012 were agreed as
a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.
Mr Sinclair-Knipe was unable to attend but had emailed with several points. He thought it was very important
that the parish was well represented at all locality meetings. His concern was that these meetings could be
taken over by the city and the views and concerns of the rural parishes would be marginalised. A meeting had
taken place about Mr and Mrs Pritchard’s concerns over the College football pitch (attended by Mr and Mrs
Pritchard, two senior representatives from the College and Mr Sinclair-Knipe) and he hoped measures were
being put into place to sort the matter out. He intended to monitor these issues closely.
It was reported in the meeting that the College had stopped the use of the field by any of the football clubs.
A summary of the localities meeting attended by the Clerk was included in the Clerk’s report. She had raised
with Mr Sinclair-Knipe that only one representative was allowed from each parish council, supposedly
because of space. She thought there should be two representatives, at least the Chairman and Clerk, and did
not see that this would have caused any problems with space at the last meeting.
Bus service for students attending Hereford colleges – this had been covered in the Clerk’s report. Mr Lewis
now understood the problem but had not come back with an outcome.
12/32. CLERK’S REPORT – circulated

CSO Witcher had asked for the following report to be passed onto the Parish Council:
Dangerous exit on B4399 – PC Lea and CSO Witcher had gone there the previous day and agreed it was a
dangerous entrance and exit. They had spoken to the landowner who also agreed and would be putting out
signs each side to warn drivers of the concealed entrance whenever they were working in that field. They had
finished the work there for now and would not be back for a few weeks. PC Lea had continued to carry out
speed enforcement in the village and would continue as and when he could.
The Chairman had been contacted the previous Friday about a break in at a house across the road from the
hall. The garage doors had been rammed and four valuable mountain bikes stolen.
The Clerk was asked to report that there were still numbers of HGVs coming through the village. They were
coming through before 8 am and after 7 pm when the police were not around. The Chairman had seen three
foreign registered HGVs in convoy on one occasion. The Clerk had also met two tractors and trailers on the
causeway that evening. They needed to be alert to large agricultural vehicles using the causeway as well as
PUBLIC FORUM: No members of the public were present.

Circulation: Mr Hungerford, Mr Williams, Mrs Harris, Mr Macadie, Mr Bishop, Mr Edwards, Mr Hince.
(1) Consultation on youth review
(2) HALC – information corner 7.2.12 – Information Commissioner’s Office guidance on information held in
private email accounts – the Clerk suggested that Parish Councillors should delete emails from their private
accounts as soon as the matters had been completed.
(3) General Power of Competence – Localism Act 2011 – effective from April 2012 – to give councils power to
start meetings with prayers
(4) Wye Valley AONB – planning seminar 15.3.2012
(5) Consultation: Draft Herefordshire play facilities strategy and action plans
(6) Proposal to reduce number of Herefordshire Council councillors – Herefordshire Council had agreed to
reduce the number of councillors from 58 to 54. There was variation in the numbers of electors per councillor.
Hollington had one-third less voters per councillor than it should have when compared to other wards. The
proposal would go to the Local Government Boundary Commission. No recommendations had been made at
this stage as to size or shape of any new wards, which would be subject of further consultation next year.
Changes should be in effect for the local elections in May 2015.

Minutes of the village hall meeting of 10 January 2012 had been circulated.

(a) The Chairman and Clerk had met with Lynda Wilcox, HALC, and Rob Grunsell, Village Halls Advisor,
Community First, the previous day. This had been a very useful meeting.
(1) Mrs Harris, Mr Macadie and Mr Edwards would form a village hall committee. Only these members would
be allowed to vote. Mr Hince would be invited to attend as the representative from the Football Club but
would not be allowed to vote as he had a prejudicial interest.
(2) The Village Hall Committee to have powers to act independently re day to day village hall matters.
(3) Four signatories were agreed for cheques – Mrs Harris, Mr Bishop, Mr Edwards, Mr Macadie.
(4) The Chairman to contact Santander to arrange for the address for correspondence to be changed to the
Clerk’s address.
(5) A letter to be prepared giving the Clerk authority to deal with day to day banking matters.
(6) To ask the Charity Commission to take over as Custodian Trustees to enable the Parish Council to
manage the hall effectively.
(b) The Chairman and Clerk had done a walk round of the hall noting all maintenance that needed to be done
and improvements that were needed. A copy of the report had been circulated. The Parish Councillors were
shown a slide show of photographs taken during the walk round which highlighted the problems. There were
a number of items that would be reported to the Football Club for action.
(c) Reports of the energy and condition audits of the village hall had been received and circulated.
12/36. VILLAGE HALL contd
(d) Dispensations – because the Clerk felt that it would not always be possible to have quorums to deal with
village hall matters she had enquired about dispensations. However Lynda Wilcox had been very
discouraging. The current legislation would only be in force until 1 July so it was agreed to leave this in
abeyance for the present.
(e) Holme Lacy Football Club had asked to install a Skye dish on the village hall. AGREED but the dish must
be sited unobtrusively and only for free channels.
Chairman would confirm to the Clerk the number of mugs required. Leaflet to parish inviting them to a party
at the village hall.
Mr Macadie suggested planting a tree for the Diamond Jubilee. He would look at the playing field to see if
there was a suitable site.

The Parish Council’s application had been approved subject to some further information which had been

(a) The Parish Council would pay for the installation of broadband and wi-fi.
(b) The Parish Council and Holme Lacy Football Club as users of the village hall had requested the provision
of this equipment.
(c) Hall was used by the school and Holme Lacy College apart from private functions and this would offer an
extra facility.

The training bursary from NALC for £100 had been received.
No results had been received from the broadband survey.
The website would be ideal for the village hall.
The remedial work had been carried out.
A model complaints procedure from the SLCC had been circulated.
RESOLVED to adopt the complaints procedure.
A quotation received from Berry & Davies had been circulated.
Inspection and testing at the village hall – £384 + VAT
Inspection and testing at the club hut – £192 + VAT
Portable appliance testing – £1.50 per item (£35 minimum charge)
RESOLVED to accept the quotation.
AGREED to take up the one month free trial with parishmap.org.

(1) Parish Councillors to receive agendas and supporting documentation for meetings electronically.
(2) No action on cost to Parish Councillors for printing at present.

The Clerk had not been able to attend the last meeting of the Steering Group. Mr Lee reported that the bridge
contract had been given to the company which had built the Digilas bridge in Worcester. Looking for name.
There was land for auction which was on the line of the proposed greenway to Holme Lacy.

(1) General road maintenance – A large amount of mud had been left on the causeway from Folly Farm down
from muckspreading. It had been cleared.
(2) Causeway – Parked cars by the bridge – cars were parked inside the yellow lines on the downriver side of
the bridge without problem but cars were now being parked on the other side. There was poor visibility
when going round the parked cars.
(3) Footpaths map and noticeboard – this would go at the same place as the old noticeboard.
(4) Resignation of Mr Lee as Parish Footpaths Officer – the Chairman thanked him for all his work and help
with the parish footpaths.
RESOLVED that the Clerk be appointed the Parish Footpaths Officer. She would be responsible for the
administration but would need support from the Parish Councillors in monitoring the footpaths. Mr Lee would
carry out a survey of the footpaths with members of the Ramblers Association and still led walks in the parish
with guests from Holme Lacy House Hotel.
(c) PF3 annual return – a nil return. Agreed and signed by Mr Lee and the Clerk.


(a) Repairs to adventure trail – Clerk was obtaining quote for plastic covered rope rather than chains.
(b) Half pipe – a quotation had been received from Sovereign. Clerk had been contacted by Hagsplay who
would also be forwarding a quotation.
RESOLVED to pursue this project.
(c) Football Club storage container – Clerk waiting confirmation from Planning Officer as to whether planning
permission was required.
(d) Nomination of playing field under Queen Elizabeth II Challenge – Clerk to complete.
(e) Report and slide show on condition of playing field – there were some areas that needed to be dealt with
but generally the field was in good condition.


(a) New applications:
(1) S113532/F – Upper Bogmarsh, Holme Lacy – proposed construction of two general purpose farm
No objections
(b) Results:
(1) DMS/113465/F – Herefordshire College of Technology, Holme Lacy Campus – proposed
development comprised an extension of the existing College ‘Straw Bale Cafe’ to create two new
accessible classrooms and associated circulation/storage space. Granted
(2) DMS/120077/FH – Brick Kiln Barn, Ufton Court, Holme Lacy – proposed garage with games
room over. Refused.
12/47. PLANNING contd
(3) DMS/120112/S – Lower Bolstone Lane, Bolstone Lane, Bolstone, Hereford – woodland storage
hut – agricultural and forestry buildings and operations – determination that prior approval was not

12/48. FINANCE

AGREED that the following accounts be paid.
Renewal of subscription to CRPE – £29 – AGREED

(a) Parish Council:
(1) Receipts: £100 – NALC – training bursary
(2) Accounts for payment:
£100 – Trilloes Tree Care – remedial tree work to commemorative tree
£30 – Society of Local Council Clerks – clerks manual 2011 (pages only)
£10 – HALC – Neighbourhood Planning meeting
£16.97 – Mrs L. A. Taylor, Clerk – AVG internet security
£39.80 – SLCC Enterprises – VAT on Practitioners Conference
£50 – Community First – membership
£224.52 – npower – village hall
£588.43 – Mrs L. A. Taylor Clerk – £568.39 salary + £20.04 expenses – quarter 31.3.2012
£77.77 – HMRC – PAYE
(b) Lengthsman:
Receipts: Nil
Accounts for payment:
£30.38 – Mrs L. A. Taylor, Administrator – qtr ended 31.3.2012
(c) Parish plan grant
Receipts: Nil
Accounts for payment:
(d) Parish Paths Partnership PF3:
Receipts: Nil
Accounts for payment:
(e) Balances in hand at 31.12.2011:
Parish Council £7004.84
Nationwide Building Society £795.02
Playing Field Committee £1689.14
Lengthsman’s scheme £888.37
Parish Paths Partnership PF3 £1136.82
Parish Plan £894.94

(d) Income/expenditure against budget – quarter ended 31.12.2011 – circulated
(e) Bank reconciliations for quarter ended 31.12.2011 – circulated
(f) Precept for 2012-2013 – estimated council tax per Band D equivalent property for parish –

12/49. ANY OTHER ITEMS – for information only
There being no other business the meeting was closed.